Sunglasses have always been used to protect one from the sun rays or ultra violet light that would otherwise be harmful to the eyes.At least, the Optometric Association recommends sunglasses whenever someone is in the sun.Over the years, these accessories have been used as a mode of fashion and to some extent; celebrities wear them to cover their identity.

Before purchasing sunglasses, one should ensure that the range of UV protection levels and transmittance ratingsmatches with the current standards. William Painter has crafted six types of sunglasses that can give you the best adventure you can ever have. His choice of titanium metal, polarized lenses and acetate frames are some of the things that make his products worth buying.

The Hook

These accessories provide the ultimate comfort you ever expect from sunglasses. The Hook is forged from aerospace grade titanium that gave a foundation for its durability. William Painter constructed it with classic styling as a challenge to outdated ideas.

The titanium metal employed in the construction of the Hook is a very strong metal, which is not susceptible to breaking. You can wear the sunglasses around without having to worry of accidents from falling or during sports, especially if you are an active person. Though the titanium material is strong, it is so much light.

The Hook has been designed to comfortably fit on anyone’s face. The glasses cannot fall down your nose when you lean forward as is the case with many other brands. The center of balance has been maintained by using titanium and ultra-light lenses. The frames have been made of flexible acetate that not only allows the glasses to conform perfectly to the shape of the head but to alsoallow one put in prescription lenses if need arises. Using the titanium made sunglasses, you can be able to open more bottles than you can imagine without a single scratch or chip; thanks to the patented discrete bottle opener.

The Japanese nylonlenses are a combination of scratch resistance, lightweight and of high optical quality. You will actually view the world in HD. The lenses are polarized so that they can neutralize glare, clear up objects and reduce eye strain. The lenses will at no point flake or bubble.

The Hook comes with a free protective hard-case and cloth that each pair of glasses snugly fits in. The hard-case is a good storage medium to prevent your sunglasses from breaking when casually stored elsewhere.

The Level

The Hook sunglasses

The Level has been designed for those going for a bold look. Black, blue and orange colors are available for this classic style. The boxy shape is a symbol of exploration and adventure. Its frame is made of titanium arms, which is aerospace grade and strong for durability but light for comfort. The arms are laser engraved to ensure it stands the test of time. The titanium is covered with a strong black Armour coating. The sunglasses have been designed with light materials to ensure that the center of balance is improved so that the glasses may not fall off.

The frames are made of acetate, flexible enough to fit any shape of the head and make it easier for one to change between prescription lenses and the glasses. William painter ensured that the lenses are of good quality to satisfy the wearer. They are resistant to scratch, light and with amazing optical quality.Driving in the rain can be clearer than you ever thought. The lenses have twice the scratch resistance of glass lenses and they weigh half the weight of traditional glasses. The Level has its lenses polarized and given a quality tint job which won’t flake, chip or bubble.

The Level comes with a free custom hard-case and cloth.

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The Hughes

The Hughes Sunglasses

The Hughes with classic aviator style is available in both black and gold colors. They are perfect for anyone who loves adventure without sacrificing the need for comfort. The size of the glasses is right on point; just ergonomic designed.  Made from forged aerospace grade titanium frame, they are durable and lighttoo. They cannot easily break however hard they may fall since titanium is a stronger metal. The frame is hypoallergic to the human body hence can be used by anyone. The titanium has a black armour coating and is laser etched for a perfect finishing touch.

Rear weighted balance has been achieved by improving the center of balance, through the use of light weight titanium and ultra-light lenses.  The Hughes has its lenses made of high optic quality, scratch resistance and light. William Painter makes his products with Japanese nylon lenses. They are polarized and tinted nicely to give a HD view and to last longer. The lenses work great on water landscapes, rainy day, high glare environments and windshields.

There is a free hard-case and cloth that is packaged with the Hughes for maximum protection when the glasses are not worn.

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The Lume

The Lume sunglasses

The Lume is made of a classical style and premium quality.Just like the rest of the products by William Painter, these glasses have been crafted from strong titanium metal. The titanium is light but durable. The box frame is made of high quality flexible acetate to make it ergonomic to fit different sized heads.

The Lume has its nylon lenses polarized, scratch resistant, light and with a UVA/UVB sunray protection. They come with a hard-case and cloth for safe storage.

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The Sloan

Sloan sunglasses

Sloan is perfect for everyday wear and looks great on everyone. The glasses have nylon frames that allow easier adjustment and flexibility to fit all head sizes. The premium acetate allows you to also switch between prescription lenses with ease.

Sloan fits perfectly on your face and would not give you the disappointment of falling down the nose. This is because the center of balance has been improved by the lightweight lenses and titanium used to craft this accessory. The lenses are polarized to give a clear and HD vision. The tint is greatly done to last longer without flaking off.

The package includes the hard-case and cloth for protecting and wiping the sunnies.

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Constellation Sunglasses

Constellation has actually been named after an airliner built by Lockheed. It is a go to anyone who appreciates quality. Build from stainless steel titanium frame, the glasses are meant to last longer, strong and lighter. They can be used in sports or by any active person without worry of having them break.

Just like the rest of William Painter’s products, Constellation is made of quality polarized lenses which are not prone to scratch of flaking off. The optical quality is great and gives a clear vision even in the rain. The package consists of a free hard-case and cloth.

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