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You can now feel like a photo fanatic with this brilliantly quirky new mini mug which looks exactly like a real camera lens and will soon become an essential part of your photographer's kit bag. Styled to look and feel like your favorite lens, this mug comes with a lens...
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Brighten up your morning with these cute and quirky cartoon mugs. Makes a great gift for any cat lover! Capacity: 550mL Dimensions: 10 x 8cm Material: Glass Microwave and oven safe - can withstand up to 120 degrees of temperature change.
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This diamond ice tray is eay to use, maintain and clean. It's ideal for making ice cubes, chocolate, jelly in the party and the bar and you can add any food you like, after being frozen, the ice ball will become colorful and bright crystal.
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This spoon is made from high quality stainless steel with a high-polish finish, the surface of the spoon is shining like a mirror. The cartoon image is engraved on the surface of the spoon. Its a portable and functional spoon, it can be used a soup spoon but also a...
These are antique looking lovely sea shell spoon pendants. åÊThe simple design of this pattern is timeless with the main feature being the elongated scalloped shell of the bowl. These beautiful spoons make a beautiful addition to any table whether it be a replacement to Grandma‰۪s silver service or for...
There's nothing like the fresh taste of corn in a meal, but balancing a hot corn and a knife can be a bit tricky. With this magic corn stripper, it makes it easy to chop the kennels off by running it down each side of the cob. It has comfortable...
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Don't like the way your garlic crusher always has left overs and some pieces bigger than the others?! Get this Twist Garlic Crusher, it peels and crushes your garlic into a nice smooth paste. No pieces get stuck in between making it easy to scoop and and clean too.
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High Quality Stainless steel Skull shaped spoon. it can function as a Multi purpose spoon for tea and desert, with its unique shape it makesåÊanything you scoop up look like a skull. This spoon would make a great gift for friends and family, would also be a great add on...
The perfect gift for animal lovers, our exclusive coffee mug looks like a lovely cat with perky raised ears, a triangular nose and adorable white whiskers. This is the ideal breakfast companion styled after the feline creatures we love and care for, these mug will start your day off right....
Get youråÊveggies looking åÊmore appealing by using this Veggies twister Spiral cutter. It can makeåÊstrips of carrot, radish, cucumber and all kinds of other firm vegetables. This slicer is perfect foråÊvegetableåÊstir friesåÊor pasta dishes,åÊgarnishes, plating and decorating serving dishes. Unlike other slicers it is detachable in parts making it easy...
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This whimsical little squirrel tea infuser makes for a fun tea-time companion as he holds onto the side of the teacup playfully dangling his tail into the cup. The infuser is made of top quality food safe and soft silicone rubber. It comes apart easily for through cleaning. Tea enthusiasts...
What better way to enjoy a hot cup of tea when you get home from a long surf. Fun loving beach bums will appreciate this cheeky time saving item. Now you can be self indulgent and not take yourself too seriously, all at the same time. Fill the infuser with...
Keep cool all summer long with this super cute polar bear ice mold. Fill it up with your favorite juice (or even pudding), freeze, pop out, and enjoy your frozen treat. Can even use it to make ice cubes from water to keep your drinks cold. A must have for...
Flip the bird to everyone that walks by without them ever knowing. This "Have a Nice Day Finger Bottom" mug seems pleasant enough, but it has a little surprise underneath: an imprint of a hand doling out the middle finger. Drink up knowing you're telling everyone you see to "Eff...
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