Warby Parker has a wide range of sunglasses and various frames that will be worth purchasing by any man. They are of good quality and crafted perfectly to create a wonderful adventure and experience to the wearer.  These accessories can be bought and offered as a gift to a husband, boyfriend, a friend or a colleague and you will be confident enough that they will like the sunnies.

These sunglasses can be worn to the beach, when walking in the sun, driving, during sports or any relevant thing that you require them on. Despite serving as a shield from the UVA and UVB light, they can be worn as a mode of fashion and the outcome will be stunning.

Checkout the 10 best sunglasses from Warby Parker that should be on your shopping list.


Thatcher Prescription Sunglasses

These sunglasses will give you a bold and classic look. They are made of custom cellulose acetate making the frame flexible enough to fit on most heads, even those with wider faces. The dimensions are 55-19-140.  The glasses offer 100% UV protection.

Thatcher frames are hand-polished with German wax for a couple of days before they can be given out to be worn. The lenses are made with CR-39 to give a maximum clarity and color. Prescription sunglasses are made with polarized polycarbonate lenses, making it resistant to impact, scratches and flaking off. The screws are akulon-coated for durability.

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Robinson Sunglasses

Robinson sunglasses are perfect for all occasions. The frame fit is wide and flexible enough to fit. The dimensions are 59-19-145.  To get a comfortable wear, Warby Parker ensured that he categorizes his glasses into narrow, wide and medium sizes so that so know exactly which one will fit you. The measurements can be found on the inside of the temple arm.

The Robinson sunglasses are made of cellulose acetate. They are cut from a single sheet of acetate so as to maintain color parity. The lenses are polarized to give the wearer a clear vision. An anti-scratch coating is added to them to make them durable.

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Ripley Sunglasses

Ripley sunglasses are round and have classic brown lenses. They are made of stainless steel and acetate material. It has a keyhole and a narrow temple width. Its dimensions are 48-21-140. You can get your customized size since the sizes range between narrow, wide and medium.

Ripley is made of cellulose acetate. The lenses are polarized and are coated with an anti-scratch to enhance their durability.

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Batten Sunglassses

Batten sunglasses are jet silver with classic blue lenses and aviator designed. The frames are made of ion-plated titanium which is a strong, light and durable metal. The glasses are therefore not easily broken even when they fall on hard surface. Its measurements are 56-13-140, as written on the inside of the temple arm.

The temple tips are made of acetate to make them easily conform to the shape of the face. The PVC nose pads are designed to maintain the center of balance and prevent slipping and pressure. Batten offers you 100% protection from UVA and UVB light.

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Percey Sunglasses

In these Percey frames, you can choose from scarlet tortoise with classic grey lenses, crystal with vintage blue lenses or striped sassafras with brown lenses. The dimensions are 48-20-140. The glasses have round lenses, comfortable width and a keyhole bridge.

Percey features polarized lenses for a clear vision, cellulose acetate temple for fitting most heads and akulon-coated screws for durability.

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Barkley Sunglasses

Barkley sunglasses will never go wrong with your experience and they will facilitate a stylish and bold masculinelook. They vary from antique shale fade with green grey lenses, oak barrel with blue lenses to striped beach crystal with olive green lenses. Its average dimensions are 53-18-142.

Barkley is designed to protect you from UV light and harmful rays that would be harmful to the eyes. The lenses are made with polarized polycarbonate, which is resistant to scratch, gives a HD vision and is durable.

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Haskell Sunglasses

Haskell sunglasses are stunning to people with narrower faces, thanks to the round lenses, slim temple arms and a keyhole bridge. If you have a narrow face, you ought to be having this accessory. You can choose from crystal blue jay with blue lenses, burnt lemon tortoise with green-grey lenses, crystal with flash mirrored yellow lenses, pearl horn and toffee with olive green lenses, striped pacific and crystal with vintage blue lenses, crystal and maple with olive green lenses or striped pacific and crystal with flash mirrored silver lenses.

The average measurements are 49-22-145. Just like the rest of the products by Warby Parker, Haskell is made of cellulose acetate, polarized polycarbonate lenses and akulon-coated screws.

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Ames Sunglasses

Ames glasses are available in whiskey tortoise with green-grey lenses and graphite frog with classic grey lenses.The glasses are made of acetate and stainless steel material that are light but strong enough to last longer. The widest frame fit is 54-18-145, but you can choose your own size in the basis of narrow, wide or medium.

The lenses are made of polarized polycarbonate lenses so that they may not be susceptible to scratch or flaking off. An extra anti-scratch coating has been added to the lenses.

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Downing 16

Downing 16 Sunglasses

Downing 16 sunglasses come with a redesigned lens shape to give you a new look. The medium measurements are 47-23-140. They are made to offer 100% protection from the UVA and UVB light. The lenses are of premium quality with polarized lenses which are always recommended for prescription glasses.

The temple is made of cellulose acetate while the frames are hand-polished by the German wax. Downing sunglasses have been made to last longer.

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Blake Sunglasses

Blake is one of the classic sunglasses that is easy to wear, medium fit and has a keyhole bridge. They are available as brushed ink with classic blue lenses or brushed bronze with bottle green lenses. The medium size measures at 48-21-145.

Blake sunglasses have their temple tips made of acetate and the frame made of stainless steel. The metal makes the glasses strong and able to endure pressure for a period of time without breaking. The lenses are polarized for a clear vision especially on windshields or during the rain.

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