Nothing can be tiresome and boring like having many sunglasses but each time you’ve got to choose what to wear for the day; all you do is open every casing to see if they are what you want. Having sunglasses holder or racks make work easier. You can display and store your accessories on the holder and when it’s time for picking what will suit or match your outfit, comparison is so much easier.

The sunglasses on display can also serve to decorate your house. You won’t have much trouble of piling up their cases especially if you have many of them. Storage becomes much easier. Here are some of the sunglasses holder that are a must have for your wall.

Modern Clear Acrylic Wall Mounted Storage Organizer Rack / 6 Shelf Sunglasses Eyewear Display Case

Acrylic Mounted Sunglasses Holder

This wall mounted shelf rack will bring out organization and style to any space in your house. They have been designed with six compartments sizeable enough to hold sunglasses. You may also use it as a multipurpose storage for items such as nail polish bottles or cherished keepsakes.

The material used to make this acrylic display case is clear, sturdy and durable. It brings a touch of sleek and modern style to your home. The holder is perfect for cutting clutter in the house and showing off. The dimensions are 7 by 22.5 by 4 inches.

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DOCKY: A 3-Pack of Adhesive Holders for Reading Glasses and Spectacles

Docky Adhesive Holder

Docky adhesive holders are designed to hold and protect your sunglasses. The foam tape not only does it attach to the wall but also to various surfaces such as in the car, bathroom, desk or any other place. Mounting should be done on a clean surface. However, it is not recommended for use in wallpaper or plaster due to its strong bonding by the adhesive. Considering that the tape leaves no residue and neither does it require screws or nails, it is thus flexible enough and the easiest holder you can ever have.

Docky comes with three holders in black, blue and clear acrylic. They can hold sunglasses, prescription glasses, readers, safety glasses and other relevant eye wears.

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DubuDumoEyewear Holder [14 Types] / Eyeglasses Holder / Sunglasses Holder

DubuDumo Eyewear Holder

These holders come in 14 different styles; such as Marilyn, Chaplin, Mario and the rest, according to your choice. They are made of eva material.

The holders have dimensions of 120 x 160 x 35 mm.

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ArtAkimboWall mounted nose eyeglass holder, Wall decor, Novelty mustache key hook, Eyewear display, organizer,sunglasses display

Wall mounted nose sunglasses holder

These stylish holders may serve as both home décor and sunglasses holder. They are available in gray and white. They are handmade holders from urethane and dye materials.

As you hang your glasses on the noble nose of the sculpture, you can place your keys on the moustache.You will have to use two screws, included in the package, to attach the holder to your wall.

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Key hook - Bear head wall hanger for keys, glasses, and sunglasses - wooden organizer, sunglasses holder, & key hook, housewarming gift

Key hook  Bearhead Sunglasses holder

These Snazzy bear holders are handmade from plywood, Baltic birch and birch plywood. They are very cool and would actually add a bit of style to your home. Apart from mounting sunglasses on them, you can also hang your keys.

Sunglasses holder should always be placed on specific places on the house where you constantly use them. You can actually install them on a wall near the door so that you can pick the glasses when leaving the house or mount them immediately after entering the house. The holding slot of the snazzy bear can accommodate a wide variety of glasses and many key sizes.

The bear holder is sanded smooth and unfinished, so that may also have an alternative of painting it to your custom color. Painting tips are included in the leaflet with each hook. The hook measures 4 by 5 by 4.75 inches.Installation requires only a screwdriver and 2 screwsto pin the face piece to the back piece on the wall. When the back piece is pinned to the wall, the face piece should slide into the groove in the back piece and lock itself there.

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Sunglasses holder, sunglasses Organizer, glasses holder, glasses organizer, bow holder, Birthday gift, Holiday gift -choose your colors

Sunglasses holder and organizer

These holders come in various colors that you order. You may choose a customized frame color and the ribbon color from almost 12 colors. They are hand crafted by wood, paint and ribbon. Ribbons have been used on the frame so that the glasses won’t be scratched like those holders which use wired mesh. The frame measures averagely at 18 by 16 inches, though styles may vary. Larger and small frame sizes are available.

The holder comes with a wall hanger on the back. There are 3 sturdy ribbons attached on the frame, where you can hang your glasses. You may also find 3 hooks at the bottom of the frame where you can hang your keys, necklaces, rings or bracelets.

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Sunglasses Rack & Key Holder - Rustic Mesquite Wood / Western decor / Housewarming Gift / Wedding Gift / Unique Christmas Gift for Him

Rack and key wooden Sunglasses holder

These holders are handmade from mesquite wood, elastic, mineral oil and bee wax. They have 3 pegs, made from mesquite wood, that serve to hold keys and elastic made bungee strap for holding sunglasses. A pocket hole hanger makes it easier to mount securely on the wall. The dimensions of the holder are 6.5 by 3.5 by 2.75 inches.

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StorePET-glasses/wall storage of glasses goggles goggle mount sunglasses glasses shelf hangefertigtes unique miomoi case glasses case

StorePET Sunglasses holder

These holders are hand crafted from birchwood, wood screws, PET bottle, pure white oil and felt pads at the bottom. They are skillfully designed to store your sunglasses.The storage is made of nine glassthat will at no point scratch your accessories. The diameter of individual glasses is 7.7 cm while the storage area is 22 by 22 cm. The holder is screwed firmly to the wall from the wooden board.

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Modern Wood and Acrylic Flat Accessory Shelf

Wood and acrylic sunglasses holder

This holder will definitely bring a modern style to your home. They are crafted from solid wood, acrylic and African sapele hardwood. It has 6 movable acrylic compartments where you can neatly arrange and display your sunglasses or small accessories. The holder measures 17.25 by 2.81 by 0 .75 inches. The frosted acrylic is 3.5 wide and 6.5 longer.

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Weathered Sunglasses Rack / Key Rack / Key hook / Coat Rack / Coat hook / Recycled pallet wood / Shabby Chic

Weathered Sunglasses rack

This holder is crafted from recycled pallet wood, hard wood, varathane and stain. It is stained weathered grey and roughed on the edges so as to give it a shabby look. Sizes vary according to your choice and the number of hooks you want your holder to have.

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