When a cat is able to earn millions and basically secure its life and the life of its owner that is when one starts to reevaluate their life and ask questions like what they are doing wrong.

There are animals that have garnered up a following thanks to their abilities to wow human beings with their talent and sometimes, with just their looks. These animals have become famous because of their roles in movies, in commercials, in magazines and by simply being catapulted to stardom in the internet.

That was the case with Grumpy Cat. This is Grumpy Cat’s story.

Tabatha Bundesen’s brother was just put to tears of laughter looking at her cat who amazingly looked like was not happy with anything in the world thanks to the permanent scowl on her face.

And of course, in this internet crazed world, Bundesen’s brother had to share it with the world. While Bundesen was at work working as a waitress, her brother took a photo and shared it on Reddit, a social media page. He probably expected just a few people to see the picture and have a laugh, but by the following morning, the picture had gone viral and Grumpy Cat memes were born. Seen on sites like Imgur, Twitter, Facebook, BuzzFeed and many television programs, Grumpy Cat had become a sensational internet star.

Tardar Sauce, as she is lovingly called at home, had had over one million views on Imgur overnight.

So what was causing that icy demeanor on Grumpy Cat? Well, she has a form of dwarfism and an under bite that gave her that cute scowl on her face.

Within a few days, Bundesen stopped working as the pictures became quite the rage on the internet. When interviewed she said that she has been a busy mom since those fateful photos got the internet abuzz with excitement, wonderment and adoring love from fans around the world.

At first, when she first got on the internet, it was reported that Grumpy Cat was able to generate about $100million United States dollar in the first two years of her being an internet sensation.

That amount was derived from her face being on products and merchandise, her being put in advertisements, her paid appearances, her modeling career and her clinching a bestselling book deal and a film just to mention a few.

At that time, about five years ago, denied the reports saying that the amount was a hundred million United States dollars but did not delve into details about it to specify the amount earned. All she could say and believes is that Grumpy Cat is unstoppable and is still doing very well. Considering that Grumpy Cat clinched a comic book deal just recently, we can all attest that she is unstoppable.

Grumpy Cat’s ability to take over the internet was naturally on her own doing but Ben Lashes an agent known for his ability to catapult animals, most importantly cats into stardom came into the picture and it was all dollar signs for Bundesen from there

When asked about the bonuses of having Grumpy Cat, Bundesen said that she still cannot believe the success her adorably malevolent cat has brought her.

She was heard saying that they did not know that Grumpy Cat was going to catapult to such pet stardom although they knew how special and unique she was.

Bundesen says that she now travels a lot, an advantage for her as she gets to see her family that is spread out throughout the country.

When one starts to compare the cat’s earnings to some of the top earners in the world, it can be so surprising. When her earnings were announced in 2012, it was said that Grumpy Cat earned more than some of the biggest names in Hollywood.

Going to sports, Grumpy Cat with her dwarfed face and under bite was able to earn more than Cristiano Ronaldo, the top footballer at that time and today too.

Grumpy Cat’s name has been put on everything that could be a perfect fit. With the likes of coffee with Grumpuccino being introduced and Grumpy Cat being the face of Friskies, a brand that is known for its cat food and other pet foods.

She has been featured in a lot of newspapers, major ones not excluded. For example, she made an appearance on The Wall Street Journal and New York Magazine a fit not always easy to come even for Hollywood stars.

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